Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Walking Disasters - the story of us

Well, I guess it's about time I end my pity party and get back into the swing of things. Before I catch the ole' blog up on the happenings over the last month I thought I would share a short story.

I like to call this one "we are walking disasters".

Somehow over the weekend Seth managed to lose his wallet. The last place we know he had it was at the gas station on Saturday night. We filled up with fuel and left and he didn't realize he was missing it until Monday morning when he got up to go to work. Since I'm still unemployed I spent the majority of my day (after an interview) on a hunt for a long lost wallet. I scoured every corner of the house, yard, shop, Seth's truck and the side of the road from our house into town and at the gas station. I called the police station to see if it had been turned in. Nothing. Plus no charges on our credit cards so we are assuming it's really lost and not found by someone else.

Tuesday, Seth left work early to come home and look a little more before we went to the bank and DMV to get new credit cards and him a new drivers license. He was supposed to go out of town this morning (that changed) so he figured he would need those things. Somehow in one of our many stops at the gas station, post office, police station, the in-laws (for his birth certificate), the bank, and dmv, I managed to lose the keys to my car (Seth was driving which is why I didn't notice until we were home).

This is the part where you figure out why I refer to us as "walking disasters." I mean seriously, who loses their keys when searching for their wallet. Me apparently.

So, this morning I woke up and called the post office. Nope, they don't have my keys. Since they obviously took zero time to look for them I figured I better head into town to retrace our steps and see if I can find them. I stopped into the post office where I thought I saw them on a counter until realizing that some lady had just set her keys down and they weren't mine. Bummer. Next I headed to the gas station I have visited the last 3 days looking for the wallet. Frank, the owner asked me "find the wallet?" I embarrassingly had to admit no and now I've lost my keys. I'm sure he thinks we are two fries short of supersized but he said, "are they Honda keys?" This is when the skies opened up and the angels sang "hallelujah, hallelujah" and I told him yes! And that's where I found my lost keys.

It's been a good day. Now, if only we can find the dang wallet.

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