Friday, November 8, 2013

7 QT {21} - I lost my job

Well, it's been quite a week. One I wasn't expecting at all. For the sake of linking up at Conversion Diary I guess I will give you the 7 Quick Takes version.

1. After months of communicating via our blogs, emails and text messages I finally got to meet a blog friend in real life, on Saturday. Her name's Kala and she blogs over at My Breezy Room. My mom and I met up with her at First Fridays in the West Bottoms in her adorable furniture booth at Bella Patina. I think we managed to make it through without any awkwardness and I think we both hope to go on another blate (blog date) soon. I realize I'm not giving our first blate the attention it deserves but check out Kala's blog and she will give you a great rundown of meeting and discovery that neither of us was a serial killer. It's a good read, I promise!

Check out her booth at First Fridays! It's awesome:)

And on to the more depressing...

2. Monday rolled around and I headed into work feeling well rested because of the time change. I walked in and my boss immediately called me into his office. Obviously that was weird but I just shut the door and sat down. He then proceeded to tell me "where gonna have to let you go, we just don't have enough work to keep you busy". At that point I just sat and stared at him with what I'm sure was a look of shock and disbelief. It honestly was one of those out of body experiences where it's like you're looking down on what's happening but the voices are muffled because I have almost know idea of what he said after the first sentence. Something about healthcare and all that jazz but I didn't really catch it. 

Once he finished talking he asked if I had any questions and so I just asked if it was only because they didn't have enough work that I was being let go and he asked if I would disagree. I guess I was extra surprised because I have been nothing but busy the last month. Our business really picks up before the holidays and I thought we were doing well. I guess I thought wrong. 

3. I never thought I would be 27 years old with a college degree and filing for unemployment.

4. The past couple days I've spent hours at my computer searching and applying for jobs. Some seem okay and some sound dreadful. At this point, I don't know that I even want to go back to work in an office environment. I honestly feel pretty lost and not sure which direction to look. Thankfully I have a husband who has been amazingly supportive and encouraging. 

5. I guess it's times like these I'm thankful I have Faith that God has a plan for me even though I have no idea what that plan is. My Grandma (the one that freezes everything) always says if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans. I guess he's laughing now. Maybe this is his way of telling me that he has plans for me and he will help me when the time comes. For now, I'm waiting, praying and applying. 

6. I've officially been a desperate housewife all week. 

7. If anyone in the NE Kansas area has a job opening that I might qualify for feel free to let me know :) For now, I guess I'm a full-time blogger and housewife. 

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  1. Hi! You commented on my blog so I thought that I would check out yours. I love the name of your blog :) I'm so sorry to hear (read) that you were let go. That is a hard place to be in, the "now what?" phase. I've been there. I was never let go, but after our last move I could only find temporary/maternity leave coverage type jobs. After the last one, I never went back to work (I work all day, just not at a professional job). It is a very hard place to be in because we live in a society that places your worth on how much money you bring in. Listen to your heart and you will find your bearings.

    I love the word "blate". Did you come up with that? I've never heard it before.

    I clicked on your "About" page and I'm very curious to read the rest of your story. You must not leave your readers hanging for too long ;)

    Amy (@ Lost But Holding Hands)

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your job. I've been there and I'll say it's really hard at first, that fear that you won't survive, but you'll learn, if you are as hard working and scrappy as you seem to be, that you will always be okay. You can always make a living, even if it's not the living you want or dreamed of or prayed for.

    I've been laid off a few times in the past ten years. I should have picked a better career path. So for three out six years, I didn't have a job. I picked up part time gigs to supplement unemployment. ( look into that, there are rules that allow it to work so you're not penalized.) it's especially hard as a single woman, since if I'm not working there is no paycheck coming in at all. I became a non consumer. When I finally got a job the first thing I did was buy shoes because mine were completely worn out.

    I say all this to say, hang in there. You'll pull through!

  3. Sorry to hear about your job. I feel as though when one door closes another one usually opens. Just keep looking and keep your head up! Thanks for stopping by my blog! So glad that I stopped by yours!!!!

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your job! I can't even begin to fathom how you feel. I wish you the best of luck in your job search.

  5. I saw your link on Jen's 7QT's, and I'm glad I stopped by. How fun is that you got to meet one of your blogger friends?! :) If I ever get to do the same, I am totally calling it a "blate." And I'm so sorry to hear about your job. Sending prayers your way, hope you have a great day!


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