Wednesday, September 24, 2014


As mentioned in my previous post, IKEA in Kansas has opened not 5 miles from my office and it is equal parts awesome and bad news bears (because it will take all my money).

Let me mention that I had been to the IKEA in Florida a couple times so I knew what to expect when going into the store for the first time but that didn't stop it from being magical.

The store opened on September 10th, a Wednesday. I couldn't contain my excitement so I drove over and around the store on my lunch hour. Realizing that there was going to be no way to get in and out in an hour I just admired from a distance. (I may have issues.) Let me just say that there were cops and security at every intersection, stoplight and possible crossing within a mile radius of this place. They were keeping the traffic flowing by manually changing the stoplights.

I made it to Friday the 12th before I couldn't wait any longer and I ventured out again over my lunch hour. I parked on the second story of the parking garage and speed walked my way through the throngs of people that didn't realize I was on a time crunch.

The following are a few of my thoughts while visiting IKEA:

  • Don't these people have jobs? I realize I'm here too but there are literally entire families here. And couples, who look like they're on dates.
  • Why in the world would you bring multiple children to this place? Especially on the week it opened. I realize they have childcare but anyone with half a brain would realize it's going to be full.
  • I want all the things.
  • Man, I really feel sorry for the guy that has to use the little hand-clicker (technical name for it obviously) to keep track of the amount of people that come in.
  • Some lady just ran away from her table asking me to watch her (probably) 1 year old little girl because her 4 year old-ish wild child boy just ran away.
  • I wonder if she's regretting bringing her kids now.
  • What is in this Pepsi? It's very possibly the best thing I have ever drank.
  •  I'm pretty sure I have a goofy grin on my face right now.
  • I might need a second job to pay for my future Ikea purchases.
  • The chicken strips aren't as good as I thought they would be. Might need to try the meatballs next time.
  • I want all the things. No really, I do.
  • Get out of my way.

Okay, that about sums up the highlights of my visit. Obviously once wasn't enough though because I went back this past Friday also. I have yet to buy anything outside of lunch and I'm starting to wonder if this might turn into a weekly thing. We shall see!

Has anyone else visited the new IKEA, in Kansas, yet? What did you buy?

What's your favorite item(s) to purchase at IKEA?

Technically this photo was taken at the IKEA in Orlando when we were there in August but you get the idea. I like it.
Mom, you're photo taking skills need a little fine tuning. Just saying.
We can all pretend that's more tan than it is shadow.  

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  1. My last time at Ikea was on a Sunday and it was AWFUL. Waaaaaay too many people!

  2. I have never been to an IKEA before, can you believe it?! I hope to make it there soon though to see what all the hype is about. :) I'm hoping I'll purchase some storage something or other because my basement needs to be cleaned and organized!


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