Thursday, July 3, 2014

That one time I was almost murdered

Okay, maybe the title is a bit dramatic but I bet you're curious. Let's just say the experience taught me a little something about myself. Turns out, I'm the girl that runs up the stairs instead of out the door when there is a serial killer in her house. With that said…on with the story.

A week ago Seth had to go out of town for a week, which I hate but it's occasionally a necessary evil (since his paychecks are mildly beneficial in making the mortgage payment). Anywho…Not 20 minutes after he leaves a black truck stops in front of my house. Not in my driveway but out on the gravel. Weird (creepy) right? 

I look out the window and see Gunnar sitting in the ditch just looking at the truck with his head cocked to the side wondering the same thing I was. Why isn't this truck moving? Thinking that maybe my crazy dog was chasing the truck and the driver stopped because they didn't want to hit him I figured I should call him. I yell for him a few times and being the obedient (hence the sarcasm) dog that he is he darts off in the opposite direction. (Quite the guard dog we have, be jealous.)

After my dog scampers off, a guy gets out of the truck and starts walking slowly toward my house. Thinking it was more than a little odd I just stood there stuck in place wondering what the eff he was doing, especially since there were at least two others in the vehicle. As he gets closer he yells to me, "you wouldn't happen to have a jack, would you?" I'm married to a man with every tool under the sun and for some reason felt like this stranger probably knew it so I felt obligated to say, "yes, I think so, hang on."

I went back inside to put on tennis shoes, in case I needed to make a run for it, because that's how my mind works. I tried to call Seth and of course he didn't answer. My brain is yelling at me "You're getting ready to be murdered and he can't answer his damn phone." 

I head back outside and creepy guy is now standing up closer to my house smoking a cigarette and creeping me out just a little more. When I walk out he asks if there's any chance I also have a 4-way tire iron. Since I'm a terrible liar I say yes and go back in to the garage and bring it back out to hand to the guy. (Great, I just handed a murderer the weapon he is going to use to bash my head in.)

Stranger Danger follows me down to my husbands (secluded) shop where I make sure to keep out of arms reach of him. I walk inside and immediately start to head to the other side of the building farther away from the creepster and closer to another door should I need to dart out it. Luckily, the guy spots the jack right inside the door we entered and tells me as much. I turn around sheepishly and see it as he picks it up to carry to his truck. 

I follow him out the door and he heads straight out to the truck where the two other guys jump out to help him change the tire. On our way across the yard I mention to him to just leave the jack in the driveway when he's done and thanks for not bashing my head in and leaving me in a hot metal building while the blood drains from my skull. Okay, I didn't say the last part but I'm pretty sure he knew I was thinking it. 

Anyway, I went back inside and locked my doors and turned on my alarm system and thanked God for another day on Earth. 

Maybe I'm a bit dramatic, or maybe I just watch too much Dateline, but I hope no one else ever stops to borrow a jack while Seth is gone or I will be like Kevin McAllister hiding under the bed. 

Have a great 4th of July weekend and don't forget to celebrate the people that make our freedom possible!

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  1. You're right, that was a very captivating title! Ha! Well I'm glad he didn't bash your head in, but you're right. You would be the perfect murder victim, just playing along the whole time! haha! I watch too much Criminal Minds and Dateline. Like way too much. In fact, last night I had a dream that there was a murderer on the loose, no doubt from watching Criminal Minds right before bed.


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